This is going to be a catch-all for all of my blogs, sims and otherwise. Anything and everything I work on collected in one convenient place so people don’t have to follow my 50 million different blogs.

I’m going to be starting at Full Sail University on my bachelor’s degree for Creative Writing in Entertainment as well, so I foresee many more stories-short and otherwise-being published on here.

My degree at Full Sail is an accelerated course so I will have two four-month semesters every year for classes so I will be extremely busy as well with working full-time and all of my own projects going on I will keep everyone updated and on the writing, I won’t put up any new blogs until I’m several chapters ahead as well.

Now then, on top of that, I am married and I’m bipolar and have DID. So I may be a bit sporadic and what I work and post on may differ depending on if I’m going through a mania or depressive mood but I will post as often as I can.

I’ve created a tab for each of the different types of stories. The one’s that have been discontinued for various reasons, the sim’s legacies I’m currently working on, and then my other memoirs as well. You will find a chapter list and links to all their own individual blogs on each of the different stories.

I’ve also created a Facebook page where I post new chapter updates and bloopers as well. Anyone and everyone’s welcome to friend me and anyone can contact me at arcsangel1991@gmail.com as well with anything they wish to share.

So please, feel free to stop by, and if you’d be so kind, let me know what you think, and enjoy your day cause I’m sure going to try and enjoy mine! 🙂






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